This right here, is how I really remember my Grandfather from when I was young.

From building birdhouses, to fixing things that were broken, it was in my Grandfathers workshop, where I would learn so much and be in awe that somebody knew how to do everything. He was like a superhero. He showed me the correct way to hammer a nail, and made me practice until I got it perfect. He taught me how to correctly sand and finish a piece of wood. And when something wouldn’t go back together, he always had a solution, albeit it was usually to use duct tape. I’m pretty sure his house is held together from duct tape. To him, it’s stronger than steel.

As he is getting older, he doesn’t get down to his workshop much and I know that probably bothers him. So last week I forced him down there and shot a portrait of him. It was great to see him back in his office. Happy as can be.

I am beyond grateful to get to do what I do as I get to be involved on some major projects and photograph some really important people, but these are the images that mean the most to me.