14 months prior, I was in a really weird time in my life. Wasn’t sure what to do, and wasn’t sure that this camera was the answer.

I had bought my first camera and jumped into the scary world of photography. I quickly got a few small jobs and naively thought that I could turn this into a business. It was simple, right?… Wrong!

Months would go by, and little to no work would come in. But with all the struggles, I promised myself I would never give up.

In March of 2010, oddly enough while working a job that wasn’t photography, I met someone who travelled to Haiti twice a year with a group that builds schools and does all they can to help. I asked if I could go on a trip with them, and it was that easy. I was scheduled to go in November.

Again, months would go by and I wasn’t getting much work at all. I was putting my time into advertising, learning and doing my best to get my name out there. Again, still not giving up cause I truly believed in myself. I had no idea about the world of volunteering as this would be my first time I had ever done something like this. I was a little rattled when I found out it would cost just under $2000 to go.

It was now November of 2010 and I was on route to Haiti.

*watch the video first*

I owe so much to that photo and so much to Kettenie-Love

I was waiting as our guide was trying to locate anyone who knew her.

I presented the canvas print to her mother to say thank you.
Kettenie-Love's mother gives her the canvas to hold.

She didn't want to let it go.

Such beautiful eyes.

After what we did for them. Kettenie-Love’s mother invited us to her home. We weren’t sure why. We thought that she might be trying to say thank you by cooking for us. When we got to her home, there was a padlock on the door and she didn’t have a key for it. I can only assume because she wasn’t supposed to be home at that time yet. She wanted us to go inside so badly that she found a rock and tried hitting it against the lock to break it. We told her that it was ok and not to damage the lock.

It cost me $2000 to go to Haiti and I left with something you can’t put a price on.