Sorry for the lack of updated blogs lately. Been such a busy and awesome summer but I plan on posting a lot of my new images on here over the next few weeks.

Below is a project I worked on for a band out of Burlington, Ontario called Them Thieves. Earlier this year, I was approached by a good friend and Art Director, Jason Mante, and asked to do the photography for idea he had in mind. We only had to meet once before I was sold on what he wanted to do with the band. The photos were to be for the album art as well as he was going to use some stills for motion (as seen below), but none of the band members were going to be featured in the images.

Direction+Design: D/RKFUTURE
Photographer: Jay Perry
Hair: Lindsey Buro
MUA: Sherry Vanstone
Model: Jeffrey Payne

The final images were in black and white but here are a few outtakes that I really liked in colour.

The final product.

And here is the amazing work Jason Mante did with the stills.